Are QR Codes Back In Favor?

Bridging Mobile and Print
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Are QR codes finally here to stay?


Depending on whom you talk to, you’ll find that QR codes are frequently used to connect to coupons and other useful information—or the person knows what QR codes are but doesn’t have any interest in using them. Millennials and Gen-Zers don’t seem to have much use for them. But how can that be? Apple and Google Android phones have incorporated QR code scanning as a feature of their camera apps. Where’s the disconnect?

It’s in the past. When QR codes were introduced to marketers, they saw a new technology that could enhance brand interaction. Naturally, they scrambled to include this shiny new nickel in their marketing campaigns, just to show how savvy they were. The problem is, too many marketers misused QR codes by not including relevant content that would reward the viewer for spending the time and effort it takes to download an app and scan the QR code. The codes quickly became irrelevant.

Still, someone is using them. According to an estimate from Juniper Research, QR coupons redeemed via mobile devices will reach 5.3 billion by 2022. Additionally, Juniper forecasts that more than 1 billion mobile devices will access coupons through QR codes by 2022. And let’s not forget that Snapchat added  QR codes as a permanent feature in 2014, making them cool again—but not for everyone. But wait, Venmo and Spotify have also added QR codes as a quick way to connect with friends. The numbers prove that there is widespread awareness of QR codes and how to use them. If they are “back,” that’s good news for print.

With that in mind, QR codes have a good chance of becoming a staple in a marketer’s toolbox, as well as the perfect bridge for print and mobile. If we learn from our mistakes and reward users with exciting content, we can strengthen print by making it multimedia and add the ability to track engagement to boot. Future generations will follow if they get rewarded with QR codes, as they do with Snapchat and other social media. Apple and Google are betting on it.

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