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Our technologies create higher quality lead generation, measurable multi-channeled campaigns, stronger brand equity and customer loyalty. Data and segmentation technologies provide the opportunities that create one to one relationships. Personalized content delivers a strong message that motivates action, lifts response rates and improves ROI. Click below to view our marketing strategies.

Need long run printing and direct mail? Some of your marketing strategies may include printing direct mail and other collateral quantities that do not fit a digital format. We’ve got you covered with our offset department which includes long run heatset web printing and shorter run sheet-fed printing. Contact KM Media for a solution to your printing needs. Please view our equipment list.

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Print what you need and eliminate inventory costs and material obsolescence. This high quality printing process reduces your time to market yet gives you the opportunity to stay current and relevant by editing your copy before each print run. Print on demand gives you the ability to personalize images as well as text providing the vehicle to reach a segmented market. Please view our equipment list.

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It takes talent to interpret ideas and make them come alive with color and innovation. Creativity is paramount when designing marketing collateral that will stand out and grab attention. We combine strategy and eye catching appeal to define your brand and stimulate response. KM Media’s talented creative staff works with your strategy and creates beautiful innovative designs that work. Please view our equipment list.

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1:1 Marketing is the leveraging of all the relevant data you are able to obtain about your current clients and about those prospects and leads you are interested in converting. Our marketing technology allows the creation of a targeted 1:1 campaign using direct mail, purls, email and mobile communication. Our creative staff can guide you through the best practices that have been established for using this multichannel technology. A cross media campaigns provides the opportunity for multi touches that engage emotions which create positive motivation that drives action. Please view our equipment list.

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Variable data give you the ability to create relevant content that makes an impact for segment of your market base. You can vary the message and switch out graphics on the “fly” without the expense of setting up print versions and separate postal sorts. Please view our equipment list.

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Data accuracy and processing are determining factors in the cost to reach your market. Our processing software and NCOA cleansing keep your data base up to date —allowing you the deepest postal discounts. You print only the records that will be delivered, saving time and money. Our knowledge of the postal system will allow us to help you determine your best alternative for reaching your market. Please view our equipment list.

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Many marketing strategies require fulfillment and response management to complete the program. Our solutions keep track of your materials and manage response dates. We handle fulfillment programs from product and literature to multi-component kits and variable packaging. All fulfillment is performed in our 175,000 square foot, secured, climate controlled, high bay environment with full inventory control and real-time reporting. Please view our equipment list.

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We create customized web portals populated with static and customizable templates that fulfill your business needs. For example, you can customize a postcard template with data and images in an easy to use process, or alternately, you can send out welcome kits from an uploaded data base. Anytime day or night. Security can be set you any level you require. KM Media makes it easy to do business. Please view our equipment list.

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Our Philosophies

Brand loyalty is at the top on most marketers’ lists. It’s also the most elusive of all attributes to keep. The neurological impact of print on paper leaves a deeper footprint and is more real to the brain. Printing, paper, design and color can differentiate your brand and make an emotional impact on your customers and prospects. Add it to your mix of marketing tools and brand loyalty will be a little easier to obtain.

The Benefits

Our world is customer centric which means doing business is about the benefits you receive, not the services we offer.

  • Generate higher responses
  • Literature more efficient & cost effective
  • Eliminate cost and waste
  • Build dialogues and relationships
  • Measure campaign effectiveness
  • Maintain brand color and identity

Segmentation and 1:1 Marketing

Technology has provided marketers the ability to understand all the different segments of their markets. One to One marketing provides the means to vary the message and provide relevant content to each group. Add creativity to the mix and you have the power to reach people emotionally, intellectually, and provocatively.

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