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The Value of G7 Certification


Print media is making a comeback in the Internet age, making color an important consideration when producing printed collateral. Color creates an immediate and unconscious reaction, similar to making a first impression when you meet someone. That forms a first impression. Understanding this concept explains the importance of color in brand recognition. It's an effective means of creating and sustaining brand and corporate images in customers’ minds. Color is an integral part of products, services, packaging, logos, and other collateral. A G7 certified printer is highly qualified to control color fidelity.

G7 is an important process that helps brands, marketers, and printers achieve coordinated color across different printing methods and between different printing companies.

The G7 method is a printing procedure that creates visually accurate color reproduction by emphasizing the matching of grayscale colorimetric measurements between processes. G7 stands for grayscale plus seven colors: the four subtractive colors that are typically used in printing (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and the three additive colors (red, green, and blue).


If you are interested in learning more about the G7 process, you can download the linked white paper. Suffice it to say, G7 is extremely important in keeping color consistency, and printers that are certified as G7 masters are best equipped to control and match color.  Kay Printing is certified as a G7 master.

Please click the link to view and/or download the white paper. We are always available to work with you and your brand.
Did you know... King Henry VIII spearheaded the printing movement in England? The infamous monarch granted a royal charter to fund the development of Cambridge University Press in 1534. As the world's oldest printing operation, Cambridge has been operating nearly non-stop since 1584, when the first "CU Press" title rolled off its presses. Today, the printer publishes more than 2,000 titles a year that are distributed to 200-plus countries.

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