Web Portals to Fit Your Marketing Needs

Web portals have seen explosive growth as a solution for branding and cost savings over the past few years. The robust platform of today's portals gives an added dimension to companies looking for dynamic solutions to business challenges. Some of the newer features such as interactive design templates include multiple design elements that can be mixed and matched. The easy to understand user interface means you don't have to be a designer to create effective branded communications.  Web portals can be a user-friendly solution for business marketing needs. 

Case Study

A print buying service needed a better production system to connect to a job ordering portal, created by the end-user to buy printed material for a major hotel chain.  The current system created too much paperwork and required production personnel to manage all phases of the workflow, which created longer lead times and higher costs.  Our job was to connect to the portal through an API (application programming interface) and create a workflow that captured all the job information electronically, output a job ticket and send digital files directly into the production queue without human intervention. Once loaded into the press, a pressman loads paper and monitors the job.  When printing is completed, the pressman scans the job and the next part of the workflow is notified that the job is ready for the next stage of production, and so on until the order is shipped. After the final scan, all the information is loaded into our accounting system and an electronic invoice is generated.  Job complete.   The system works so well for all parties involved that we have never missed a delivery date and the end-user is extremely pleased.  By mastering the mechanics of the internet, we are able to “speak” to other systems and send information through a digital tunnel.  


Features and Benefits of
Kay Printing’s Web Portals:

  • Significant print cost savings
  • User-friendly software requiring only basic computer skills for use
  • Users can place orders any time of the day or night
  • Convenient access to digital assets
  • Interactive design
  • File upload for mailing list and graphic images
  • Full user data capture with online management information reporting
  • Real-time stock management with less waste and storage issues
  • Branded site
  • Templates created with optional lockdown to keep printed collateral within brand standards
  • Restricted user areas with access to set users
  • Sales generation
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