Touch it, fold it, scratch it, smell it. Pull the tab and it pops up! Open it, it pops out! You can embed video screens, music or voice recordings, blinking LED lights, and RFD transmitters. That’s interactive print. But there’s more. Traditionally, print interacts with its audience through touch and feel, but this is the 21st century and print now interacts with your cellphone.

Interactive print can link to the virtual world through QR codes, a hidden watermark, an NFC transmitter, or an embedded keyboard that sends an SMS message. (Play the interactive print video for more info.) The technology is great, but it’s not creative. It takes a marketer’s creativity to weave the technology into the content and make the campaign more than just memorable. It makes it unforgettable.

The video links below will give you an idea how to use the technology to lift response and engagement. You can link your audience to a website or a landing page. You can make a printed page come alive by scanning the page with a cellphone and watching as a video pops up. You can scan a page and immerse the reader in augmented reality. For the past five years, we’ve been pioneering interactive printing and have a lot to offer. Get on the bandwidth and grow your sales and loyalty programs with interactive print.






Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi really went all out to create this amazing interactive print ad. I will make you think you are in the driver’s seat.   Ashley Roberts of Printing Impressions put this video together to highlight the interactivity that can be achieved by print and technology.  It features a pop-up design, new car smell, a light-up dashboard and a pulse monitor with sound. It was hand assembled and placed in 50,000 copies of InStyle magazine and sent to targeted subscribers.